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It seems North Korea's Kim Un is not backing down in his game of chicken with the US. Knowing a military option for Trump is all but off the table for fear of damage to neighboring South Korea and Japan as well as enraging China and Russia, Un can continue to torment Trump. There will be no preemptive US action tolerated it seems at the moment.  

What's more this missile is seemingly capable of reaching Us territory if not the mainland itself. 

Meanwhile, Gold has strengthened in a muted but solid fashion. It would seem that the event driven bull moves are far from over. 


NHK reports:

The Japanese government says a ballistic missile launched from North Korea has likely flown over northern Japan and fallen into the Pacific Ocean, 2000 kilometers off the cape of Erimo in Hokkaido at around 7:16 AM local time. The government's top spokesperson says no debris has fallen. The spokesperson says no aircraft or ship has been hit. South Korea's Yonhap news agency is quoting the country's military who say the missile was fired at around 6:57 AM from Sunan, near Pyongyang. It also quotes the military as saying the missile likely reached an altitude of 770 kilometers and flew 3700 kilometers from its launch. The Japanese government is holding a national security council meeting. South Korean President Moon Jae In says its national security council will also hold an emergency meeting.



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