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Silver Price No. 1 Performing Asset Through Q1 !

Silver is +14.5% year-to-date by settling yesterday (Friday), as well as the week, the month, and the quarter at 18.275. Pale in comparison is Gold's performance, its settle at 1251.6 marking a +8.6% run to this point in 2017, albeit that was its entire net increase for 2016, (after en route having been +29.9% at Base Camp 1377).

So as we oft quip, "change is an illusion where as price is the truth", for in looking at the above panel, we find Gold ahead of where 'twas a year ago by only 28 points (+2.3%). Yes, 'tis is better than that return on your savings account, but precious metals' prices persist as paltry. For as shown in the scoreboard, the yellow metal "ought be" at $2,681/oz. -- and in applying the average millennium-to-date Gold/Silver ratio of 62.3x -- the white metal "ought be" at $43/oz.

"And then there's the overshoot, right mmb?"

Right, Squire. So there's still time for you to plan that big party, for which payment can be made in entirety by owning the precious metals today rather than someday. Either way, in marking both March's and Q1's conclusion, here we go with the BEGOS Markets standings year-to-date. Of note, at this time a year ago, 'twas Gold leading the pack (+15.4%) followed by Silver (+8.9%); this year, they've swapped performance almost to perfection -- at least to this point -- for it remains to be seen if they'll again peter out come mid-year's point:

Having mentioned the ratio of Gold prices to Silver prices, here 'tis from 01 January 2001 through yesterday (31 March 2017). The ratio being relatively "high" in recent times vindicates Silver's bulls, (or arguably Gold's bears, although year-to-date suggests they're still in winter hibernation), hence a robust Silver Nation:


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