1 oz Gold American Buffalo

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The American Gold Buffalo is an official US Mint product, and is the only .9999 pure gold coin produced by the mint. Launched in 2006, the Gold Buffalo quickly became one of the most popular and sought after gold collectible or investment products.

Inspired by the design featured on the famed Indian Nickel, American Gold Buffalo Coins have become somewhat of a mainstay in both coin collections and precious metals portfolios. The interest in this coin program is driven both by the historical significance of their designs and the 0.9999 pure gold content. Since these are the only gold coins from the United States Mint to feature four-niner gold, they do have a significant standing in the precious metals market.

Each Gold Buffalo coin contains 1 oz of pure 4 nine (.9999) fine Gold. Moreover, they carry legal tender values of $50 (USD) each.


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