1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic

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The first mintage of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic was in 1989 and its unique design became an instant hit with collectors and investors. As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the design of this gold coin has remained the same since it was first introduced. The original purpose of the coin was to create it as a commemoration for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but today it is one of the few gold coins in Europe that are produced on a mass scale.

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is also one of the few gold coins that is issued with a face value listed in euros. Coins that were produced before 2002 are denominated in schillings instead. The 1 ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin, which today is listed with a face value of 100 euro, has a face value of 2,000 schillings on coins produced from 1989-2001. This is the only design change the coin has undergone throughout its history.


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