Advanced Auditing Systems

We work to keep your personal data private with live monitoring programs that analyzes traffic as it happens. This is known as risk visualization. The approach helps us detect and investigate suspicious activity before a fraudulent breach takes place. This method is not only a pioneering way for us to protect clients, but it’s also a better way to build an automated system to detect criminals that will scale as our business grows.

Strength in Numbers

We’ve designed US Coin Bullion to grow stronger the more people transact. The larger data set we have to analyze, the smarter our anti-fraud algorithms become. Think of it this way: If cars on a highway drove by only occasionally, it’d be tough to distinguish the ones speeding from the ones traveling within the limit. But on a crowded highway, it’s easy to spot the reckless driver weaving in and out of traffic. Likewise, more Square users allow our proprietary systems to spot the bad guys easily.

Secure at Every Step

US Coin Bullion has a unique ability to detect suspicious behavior because we monitor all of our traffic. Our security team sees the suspicious activity as it happens. We’re looking out for you at every step.

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